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Crossroads Church

Crossroads Church had outgrown its satellite location in Clifton yet wanted to stay in the area and continue to be part of the fabric of the community. The former St. George Church on Calhoun met all their needs – except one. Other Crossroads locations were converted industrial buildings without windows, ideal for achieving the Crossroads Experience – frequent AV presentations, the Christmas show, musical performances and more. But daylight poured through St. George’s beautiful 9-foot x 35-foot stained glass windows.

A solution was needed to preserve the beauty of the stained glass while delivering the practical need to eliminate light. Barry Farmer Draperies worked to find the solution – motorized blackout shades. But there was a challenge. Crossroads wanted the shades to open “bottom up” rather than the typical “top down.”  

The 100-inch x 400-inch shades were weighty – too heavy for the 150-year-old plaster walls – so modifications and retrofitting were needed. The architect, general contractor, shade manufacturer and the Barry Farmer Draperies team worked together to achieve Crossroads’ goal. The Barry Farmer installation crew figured out a solution. They installed a surface at the top of the windows to support the guidewires that pulled up the shades. It was an innovative approach – and an outcome not everyone could have achieved.

Now when the shades are open, the beauty of the stained glass shines through. And when closed, conditions are ideal for the Crossroads Experience.